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Congratulations on your decision to explore the world of Pole Dancing! Pole dancing is an integrated dance form and an exhilarating way to firm and tone your body while having a lot of fun. Ultimately, it enables you to become aware of the unique way your body moves, enhancing your personal strengths, self-confidence and defining your own pole dancing style.

The main objective of this site is to assist everyone that is looking for information on where to find pole dancing classes, and also to encourage anyone looking for a fun, physical and confidence boosting workout, to give Pole Dancing a try.

We’ve created this directory of all the venues across the United States in order to learn the art of pole dancing. Please select your state below to view a list of pole dancing classes to get started:

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What is Pole Dancing?

Pole dancing is a form of performance art which combines dance and acrobatics. It is performed by trained artists and is centered around a vertical pole. The pole is usually hollow and is made of steel or brass.

The word pole dancing still remains a taboo in the minds of people and is considered unethical in many societies. It is infamous for the inclusion of striptease and semi-nude women and is tagged uncultured. Even after the emergence of International Pole Dancing competitions like World Pole Sport Championship and U.S Pole Federation Championship, the sport is only recently gaining recognition in the mainstream society.

Pole dance has evolved vastly and is now a recognized recreational and competitive sport. It is performed in almost every country from casual students and gym goers to nationally and internationally recognized Pole athletes but slightly differs in the extent of acceptance.

Pole dancing

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Modern Pole dance is a fusion of Chinese Pole, Indian Pole and exotic dances of various dance influences. The performer skills of Chinese, energetic acrobatic skills of Indians and sensuous dance skills of the western world make up the Pole Dance as we know it today. Kara Nova and Pantera Blacksmith are pole acrobats and impressive performers and were able to popularize this sport to some extent. Pole dancing is an athletic and artistic form of dance and fitness.

Tremendous effort is needed to carry out Pole dancing. It increases core and general body strength and helps in toning the body. It is a form of strength training and includes push ups, sit ups, and moves on to spins and climbs. It conditions the body through slow and controlled movements. Dance moves like neck stretch, hip stretch, shoulder stretch, quad stretch and cobra are some examples that specifically focus on each body part and aim to strengthen it. Other moves include Body Ripple, Attitude change, Cartwheel, Dove etc which require concentration and high degree of flexibility. Please visit our section on Pole Dance moves for more information.

Along with physical fitness, it has many emotional aspects and benefits. This art is a great way to express sensitivity and trust body’s feelings. It helps women to let down their guards and overcome their fears of self-expression by enhancing inner connection and inducing confidence. It is a great means of stress reduction and brings harmony and peace to body and mind. Women, as well as men, have acknowledged the health benefits of pole dancing and refer to it as ‘addicting and emotionally rewarding’.

Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing classes offer a wide variety of teaching methods in order to learn the art of this sensual form of dancing. Pole dancing classes can incorporate choreography, transitions, filler moves, tricks, routines, Pilates, yoga and various strength and cardio exercises. They can begin with a yoga style warm up followed by other exercises that stimulate and trains the right body parts needed to build the strength to improve your dance skills on the pole, wall, chair or floor while unleashing your inner sensuality. Some of the typical types of pole dancing classes include:

Pole Dancing Fitness

The objective of these classes it to increase your cardiovascular stamina by using a low impact workout that typically influenced by Pilates, yoga, and gymnastics. It also serves to sculpt muscles by using a pole as resistance and stabilizer.

Chair Dance 

These classes showcase various dance moves using a chair as a prop, which is always a great workout too.

Pole Dancing Flexibility 

Being flexible is essential to being able to perform maneuvers from the beginner to advanced level, and is also important to your overall health and vitality. Naturally, these classes are centered on intense stretching exercises to maintain long and flexible muscles.

Aerial Arts 

These classes aim to develop an appreciation of the body mechanics, and physics while practicing inversions, static poses and hands- free inverted holds and poses.

Pole dancing is characterized by movement, versatility, sensuality, health and well-being therefore, can be highly addictive. It’s a great way to de-stress, build confidence, self-expression and overall empowerment in a non-threatening environment.


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